Bourgognes Pierre Grüber

The Pierre Gruber house

The House of Pierre GRUBER is the cornerstone of the building of Jean-Luc Aegerter’s activity in Burgundy since 1988. Upon finishing his studies in Political Science, following a 10-year period in the service of the great Champagne and Burgundy Houses, Jean-Luc Aegerter embarked upon the search of a House for Burgundy Wines, which enabled him to lay his own foundations in the heart of this world-renowned vineyard.

Quality, the watchword

The strong development of the firm’s overall business activity, with a regular and gradual growth rate, always environmental-friendly, enabled diversifying the various clienteles (France and Export) with the brand names being adapted to their targeted market niches, as well as the business activity itself.Indeed, the methodical building of a harmonious and well-balanced ensemble leads today, to projecting the firm not only into a winegrowing estate and management of vineyards at Savigny-les-Beaune, Chorey-les-Beaune, Beaune or Nuits-Saint-Georges but also into the area of trade with the Maisons Pierre Gruber and Jean-Luc Aegerter or private sales through the Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune wine cellars.The golden rule of the entire Maison Gruber-Jean-Luc Aegerter’s winegrowing activity is the quality of its produce, whether it be its own vineyards, grape purchasing (major part of the activity) or trading in wines. Quite adamant regarding this point, the Maison has been able to establish a firm reputation for quality, renowned in France as well as in Export.

< Mister Pierre Grüber at Nuits Saint Georges

A family history

For the past four years, Paul Aegerter, his son, has joined the firm. His area of business is oriented toward new markets, being explored in France as well as in Export. It is hence that the Pierre Gruber brand name, placed under his responsibility, is tending to specialise in supermarket distribution in order to propose a quality alternative to the range of wines already offered by supermarket distribution circuits.